Wear YOUR story, on your biggest day! bespoke wedding jewellery crafted to perfection

LANKA WOMAN   issn 1800 -2617 | vol : 12 no : 06 | June 2018

When all the pomp and pageantry, detailed beauty and perfectly framed moments of a wedding are taken away, it really is a very personal, sentimental celebration of togetherness and love. A day of meaning and memories, when the little unique things about you, the bride, and your relationship with your partner can be celebrated and preserved. Whilst it has been the norm for couples to get into the nitty-gritties of their attire, planning the event, the food served, the décor displayed and even the music played, the jewellery worn, is sometimes decided only once the attire has been completed. ( save of course, the all important engagement ring).


Thankfully, Wedding Jewellery today, has earned its pride of place at the top of the wedding planning calendar, as many brides choose to custom design the pieces they will wear on their big day, as early as when they plan their attire.

Today, a bridal piece is all about you, the bride, and your personal story. Designed to include heirloom motifs or a precious jewel from the family, symbols or initials that are meaningful to the couple, or simply designed to be a seamless extension of your wedding attire, bespoke bridal jewellery can now take many forms, filled with meaning and sentimentality.


‘Bespoke’ seems to be a term that is used lightly these days. However, brides should be mindful that the key to understanding the true meaning of bespoke requires the ability to interpret what the customer is looking for and deliver those pieces using a variety of finely honed skills.  Whether it be gathering insights on trends, the design, choosing the right metal, stone setting or handcrafting finishes, every step of the way requires absolute attention to detail.



At Lalitha, our expertise varies from traditional to contemporary or fusion- artisan skills that highlight the large spectrum of audiences we can cater to. Our clients being local and from across the world have been a great testimony to our superior skills for the last 66 years, to create pieces that are unique and harmonious.



Designing custom jewellery for today’s bride is a creative challenge, but an enjoyable one, for a jeweller. Brides now do not consider the purchase of their wedding jewellery to be for just a one-time occasion. She views her jewellery in terms of how it reflects her, personally, as well as in terms of functionality and design. For instance, most brides now purchase two to three smaller sets which they wear together on the wedding day, but separately for other occasions. Many want the jewellery to be in a transformable format so that it can be worn for multiple occasions. For example, the nalal patiya or netrichutti is designed so that it can be detached and worn as a pendant later on. The other pieces that complement the main bridal piece, be it bangles, earrings or bracelets are also designed in such a way that they can stand out on their own as individual pieces when worn on other occasions. This means that a keen eye for detail and foresight in the design process alone is of paramount importance.


At Lalitha we combine the use of current designing technology with the irreplaceable value of the designers’ and craftsmen’s skills to craft the final product into a masterpiece. We believe that a piece of jewellery must speak of many facets of the wearer and a meeting with our jewellery professional will help you gauge the experience and level of insightfulness and details we go into when designing your statement bespoke piece to reflect just that. Adding that touch of sentimentality to your big day, and being able to craft a memento for a lifetime after the big celebration, gives us immense drive and satisfaction.



Whilst planning your attire for the big day and customizing it so that it is extra special is the top most item on every brides list, crafting your fine jewellery for this occasion should also be done at the same time, allowing ample time for crafting and finishing the pieces to perfection. Originality, uniqueness and meaningfulness should be the cornerstones of your beautiful story crafted in gold in the colour of your choice!.