LALITHA – creating bespoke jewellery for discerning chrysophilists –

as appeared in Hi  !!      December    2017         

Even though I have a finance and accounting background academically, I have been more or less immersed in the jewellery business since childhood and am the third generation in the business after my grandfather and father. Being so intricately involved and exposed to the passion that my family had for this trade from a very young age has had it’s effect on me and now I’m completely immersed in Jewellery.

Do you have a particular design style you follow?

No I don’t. And I don’t think that it should be that way either. When making a piece of jewellery for a customer, we need to be mindful of the fact that the role of the jewellery is to complement and not compete with the wearer. Therefore, the style is not my personal interpretation or preference rather it should enhance the wearers style.

Why have you chosen to be a more specialised custom jewellery maker (bespoke) even though you offer off the shelf pieces as well?

That’s more of an evolution than an act of deliberation. We began as most others, as a main street jeweller (in our case sea street!) but evolved into bespoke, often as, that was what was required by the customer and in the process came across the astounding realization that nothing can be more beautiful than individuality in a crowded world.

Take us through a typical bespoke design process.

It starts with a brief from the customer who could have a reference to what they want, meaning something that they have seen, or it could just be a need to match some attire. Early discussions cover basic form, colour of metal, use of stones and a general idea of finish. The key is to understand and decode the clients’ need (which they themselves might not be able clearly express at times) and translate it into a work of art. Once we have an agreement on that we show a scale drawing and move to 3D visual in some cases to get into specifics of weight, stone sizes and cost and also to help the customer appreciate the design in a more informed manner.

What kind of person wears a Lalitha piece?

In our eyes, a Lalitha woman is an aficionado of artistry and culture. She is someone who values artisanship, has a keen eye for intricacies- is intricate and multifaceted herself. Someone of substance and sees her true value.

How long does the entire process take from design to finished piece?

That depends on the complexity of the piece and the back and forth time taken in finalizing the design. Typically, it takes about 4 weeks, even though we have done pieces with much shorter duration.

Do you work with customers remotely? (those overseas)

Yes, we do work via email and with the modern methods of communication tools like video calls it’s almost like an in-person experience.

Do you have any tips for people who want to invest in creating their own piece of jewellery?

Ideally one should have an idea of what they would like to portray or symbolize with their jewellery, an idea of a design or style that appeals to them or in some cases even what they wish to accessorize.

What jewellery trends do you foresee for the next season?

There is a greater appreciation for expressions of understated elegance in jewellery judging by the reviews we have had for our textured finish jewellery. I think that kind of treatment will inspire new lines of jewellery both with and without stones.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

Gold, of course, in the full spectrum of its colors, yellow, white and rose and also all the precious stones especially those of Sri Lankan origin with their innate natural beauty

What inspires your designs and creativity?

Often, it’s the customer’s needs and personality and the awareness that fine design and craftsmanship would always be appreciated.

What makes bespoke jewellery more unique than premade pieces?

The answer is in the question itself, because they are custom made and the design and the crafting process are tailor made to suit the occasion and the individual.

Bespoke jewellery reflects you.